2018 FALL 2023/2024 ROSTER

Thank you to all those who came out to tryouts. The talent levels continues to increase every year as lacrosse explodes in the Central Kentucky area. As with any travel team, there are many tough decision that must be made when putting together rosters and unfortunately there are only so many spots available. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing players but our end goal is to field the most competitive teams possible.

Again, thank you to all who participated and for your continued support.


Dues will be $1,150.00 spread out between an initial deposit + 3 installments between now and February.

  • Dues include tournament fees, coaches fees, field rentals, administrative costs, and supplies. Dues do not include transportation and lodging.

  • Uniforms: New players will need to purchase new jersey, shorts, and shooter shirt ($80). Returning players must have their jersey, shorts, and shooter shirt from last year otherwise they will need to purchase those items separately.

To accept your roster spot, please follow the steps below:

  1. View the tentative fall schedule here.

    1. Complete the tourney availability form here. We will finalize the event schedule this week. Eligible tournaments are highlighted in yellow, we will choose 2 fall field events and 1 box event based on player availability for those weekends.

  2. Complete the registration form here and pay the deposit to accept your roster spot. Players have until Wednesday, 9/27 to accept their roster spot and pay the initial deposit. After that point any open spots will be offered to other players.


  • Aidan Mattice

  • Benjamin Pund

  • Bennett Williams

  • Buntaro Yoshida

  • David Cervoni

  • Guido Baldecchi

  • Hamilton Edelen

  • Jack Pund

  • John Sanders

  • Jonah Brooking

  • Josh Harney

  • Kenny Hesselson

  • Langston Falloway

  • Owen Rogers

  • Paul Stanley

  • Philip Craig

  • Ryan Stachon

  • Tate Tinker

  • Teague Roth

  • Thomas Patton

  • Tommy Mullikin