Thank you to all those who came out to tryouts. The talent levels continues to increase every year as lacrosse explodes in the Central Kentucky area. As with any travel team, there are many tough decision that must be made when putting together rosters and unfortunately there are only so many spots available. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing players but our end goal is to field the most competitive teams possible.

Again, thank you to all who participated and for your continued support.


HS 2020/2021
Player Name Position School
Anakin Wethington A
Ben Byars A Bryan Station
Brayden Adams G Lexington Catholic
Brycen Craft M/FO Tates Creek
Buddy Goodwin M Henry Clay
Cole Garretson G Henry Clay
Colten Reynolds M Henry Clay
Jackson Henderson M Henry Clay
Logan Lewis M Henry Clay
Luke Plummer D Henry Clay
Mark Dawson M Manual
Matt Mcgee M Henry Clay
Micah Mcclave D Scott County
Michael Blakemore M/FO Dunbar
Morgan Downey D Trinity
Nathan Drury LSM Tates Creek
Nic Baker M Tates Creek
Nolan Doss A Henry Clay
Pollux Grande D Lexington Catholic
Presley Richmond A Henry Clay
Seth Browning LSM Henry Clay
William Owen Tinker A Lexington Catholic
William Slover D Woodford County
HS 2021/2022
Player Name Position School
AJ Hesselson A Christ School (NC)
Andrew Porter A Tates Creek
Avery Nelson A Henry Clay
Caleb Jacobs M Woodford County
Christian Melton M Fredrick Douglass
Drew Bolt D Scott County
Ethan Scutchfield D Henry Clay
Grady Coates M Henry Clay
Griffin Sims M Henry Clay
Jack Clark M Lexington Catholic
Jackson Brooking A Henry Clay
Jackson Sikura M Bryan Station
Jacob Ehl D Henry Clay
Josh Adkins M Henry Clay
Josh Turner D Fredrick Douglass
Mason Upton FO Dunbar
Matthew Hillard G Madison County
Noah Whaley D Henry Clay
Parker Rowland FO Henry Clay
Quinn Stewart M Lexington Catholic
Sam McReynolds G Henry Clay
Zen Kropp A Fredrick Douglass


  • Justin Zhu

  • Liam Fallon


MS White
Player Name Position School
Chas Boden M TLS
Christian Brooks Martin M Lizards
Clayton Fink G Beaumont
Colton Gayne D Bryan Station
Ellis skirboll M Tates Creek
Grady Browne A Caudill Middle
Grayson Newman M Lizzards
Grayson Pham A EJ Hayes
Hamilton Edelen D Lizards
Jack Bernard A TLS
Jack Pund D TLS
Jaden Sikura M Bryan Station
Jonah Brooking A EJ Hayes
JT Deaton D EJ Hayes
Logan Deuling M Bryan Station.
Louis Griese D Lizards
Michael Farah A Beaumont
Nicholas Deskins D Beaumont
Tucker Slone M EJ Hayes
Ty Warren Garretson D EJ Hayes
William Partain D TLS
MS Blue
Player Name Position School
Aidan Mattice D Woodford County
Ben Pund G TLS
Benjamin Reynolds A Lizards
Bennett Williams D Lizards
Buntaro Yoshida D TLS
Colt Cook D Sayre
david cervoni G Lizards
Jackson Seely A Hayes
John Clayton Sanders M Lizards
Josh Harney M Lizards
Jude Koura A Beaumont
Kenny Hesselson D Lizards
Langston Falloway M EJ Hayes
Paul Stanley M TLS
Philip Craig M Woodford County
Ryan Stachon M Lizards
Tate Tinker A Lizards
Thomas Patton D Lizards
Tommy Mullikin A Sayre

12U (5th/6th)

Player Name School
Andrew Lyle Lexington Christian Academy
Brock Overton Clays Mill Elementary
Charlie Twehues Woodford County Middle School
Chase Upchurch Athens Chilesburg Ele ( ACE)
Cole Humston Woodford County
Graham Hodge Woodford County
Jack Rogers Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Jimmy Hooks ACE Eagles
Keele Deuling Maxwell
Lincoln Rowland Athens-Chilesburg Elementary (ACE)
Nolan Falloway ACE Eagles
Owen Rogers Hayes
Reid Sayre Woodford County
Riley Slovis The Lexington School
Shailen Zimmerman The Lexington School
Wade Johnson The Lexington School
Wes taylor The Lexington School
William Moore LCA
Xavier Reeder The Lexington School


  • Brayden Fairchild

  • Conner Caudill

  • Jasper B

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