Summer 2014 Rosters


First we would like to say how much we appreciate everyone who came out to tryouts. We had close to 140 kids participate over the course of two weekends. This was a huge increase from the number of players we saw last year. The talent level spread throughout all age divisions was extremely impressive as well. Both of these statements are evidence of the tremendous growth of the game within Central Kentucky.

As with any travel team, there are many tough decision that must be made when putting together rosters and unfortunately, there are only so many spots available. As far as choosing players, there are many factors that must be considered but our end goal is to field the most competitive team possible.

Again, thank you to all who participated. We cannot put into words how much we appreciate your support.

Below are the 2014 Rosters.


Alec Bell

Carter Schuck

Christopher Austin

Cole Preston

Gaelen Robinson

Garrett Fields

Griffin Coates

Hawkins Schnaebel

Jake Falcone

Logan Barberie

Mark Cervoni

Matt McGee

Matt Stamper

Nolan Cunningham

Ryan Smith

Ryan Sullivan

Story Tepper

Tommy Baird

Will Sheroan

William Tinker


Alexander Noal - D

Allen Westerfield - M

Ben Schaeffer - A

Brooks Dorman – M

Colton Warner - M

Connor Haney - G

Evan Deskins - D

Evan Kinniard - D

Garret Rea - D

Ian Schaeffer - M

Isaiah Adkins – LSM/D

Jackson Nash - M

Kedrick Cobo - M             

Nicholas Calhoun - G

Nicholas Dennis - M

Quinn Fox - M

Quint McDonald - A

Sean O' Mara - G

Sean Pelton – M

Spencer Harris – LSM/D

Thomas Dare - D

Will Hickey - D

Will Johnson - M

Worth Coons – A



Alex Wood - G

Austin Bell - D

Ben Barberie - D

Cameron Bellamy - M

Cole Detty - D

Colin Glenn - A

Colin Hunt - D

Craig Settles - M

Hugh Ronald - A

Hunter Rice - M

Jack Farrell - M

Joe Mulert - A

Jordan Tobbler – LSM/D

Josh Price - D

Kevin Carlson - A

Luke Winkler - M

Mason Saunders - M

Preston Brooks - M

Rand Kelly – LSM/D

Sheldon Brown - M

Strohmann Breeding - G

Tyler Smith - A

Vincent Pisacano – M


Brian Mulert - G

Charlie Blondell - M

Chris Schaefer - A

Cooper Cason - A

Ethan Borkosky - M

Hudson Bradley - D

Jacob Covington - D

Jacob Gilbert - M

John Rawlings – LSM/D

Mason Blackburn – LSM/D

Michael Fredlock - A

Parker Gann - M

Riley Cunningham - G

Robby Fields - M

Sam Boutilier - A

Scottie Southall - M

Sloan Warner - M

Stevan Kriss -D

Tanner Wright - M

Taylor Simms - D

Trenton Sneed - A

Webb VanMeter - D

Zach Stamper - M

Players who have made the team have two weeks to accept their roster spot and pay the initial deposit. If this is not done prior to the two week time window, the roster spot will be offered to another player.